about us

We bring ideas to life by combining years of experience from our very talented team.

Our Mission

"To inspire hospitality communities by connecting real people to real opportunities to deliver the ultimate experience."

Our Values

People First

Living Integrity

Accountable Profitability



Our Story

In the beginning of 2014, Mr. Wenzell took the worst performing hotel in the Renaissance brand at that time, and together with his team, he took it to #1 in GSS in under a year.  He made a commitment way back then that he would embark on a business journey of teaching and providing the best customer service in the world to clients in every industry. Mr. Wenzell continued in the hospitality industry where he has held positions as a hotel General Manager, a Task Force GM, and the Director of Recruiting, Task Force & Business Development. Today, he is prepared to make that possible based on personal life experiences.

Mr. Fisher has an extensive background in Finance & Business Management. He is also active in the real estate business. Together, he and his wife serve their church community in Acworth, Georgia while pouring into and raising their three children.

Mr. Wenzell & The Fishers have over thirty years of combined hospitality experience, and their goal is to provide others with the opportunities that they have been given.


Task Force Management

Hotel Third Party Management

Revenue Management