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Wenzell, Dantes, & Fisher Hospitality Group  was founded based on a solid fact that many businesses across the Hospitality Industry and others have lost the art of providing true customer service. How do you really take care of team members and clients?

As the business world becomes increasingly virtual, providing outstanding customer service in person and online means more than ever before. You must be genuine, unique, and bring creative solutions to the table to provide superior service to customers and clients. The key to providing this level of customer care is to put highly qualified personnel in key roles within the organization. We carefully recruit, select, and vet our staff to assure that the best person is placed in each position.

Our expertise will provide you with the most professional, knowledgeable, and efficient hospitality management services in the industry. In these unprecedented times, it is critical that the hospitality and real estate industry develop the best and brightest talent to help your company overcome the circumstances brought about by the pandemic. WDF Hospitality Group has the commitment, experience, and drive to help your company reach the top.

With Hospitality,
Peter Wenzell, CEO

Creative Solutions

Wenzell, Dantes, & Fisher Hospitality Group has over thirty years of experience in providing memorable hospitality engagement for guests. We believe in bringing a high, outgoing energy to the work field. To move your company out of the comfort zone we provide opportunities for your team members to grow and challenge themselves to achieve excellence through our personalized intensive training program.  

We are a results oriented hospitality management team who believes change comes from the heart. We work with each individual in your organization to contribute to the overall growth of your company.

Our Philosophy

"To inspire hospitality communities by connecting real people to real opportunities to deliver the ultimate experience."

When you choose Wenzell, Dantes, & Fisher Hospitality Group you will always receive top of the line communication and transparency. We provide impeccable conduct and managers to represent your firm in the most professional and hospitable way with all of our services.


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“ They are a no nonsense group that looks after their Clients and Task Force Managers with care. I would give them a call and interview to see if their goals align with yours. With years of experience, I think it would be the right fit.”

Michael Samawi, Task Force General Manager

“When it comes to the hospitality industry , there are plenty of recruiters that talk about communication.  Peter Wenzell not only “talks” about communication, he communicates consistently, exceeding expectations.  He reaches out via phone, email, and text to share information about prospects, upcoming opportunities, and to follow up on correspondence he has had with all parties involved.  I trust his knowledge and professionalism, assured that he has invested the time to know the hospitality candidates and companies, identifying mutually beneficial partnerships.”

Louis E. Martin - Director of Food & Beverage

“The talent and personality that each one of you bring to the table is a sure win situation for any of the hotels affiliated with your company.  The expertise, professionalism, dedication and services provided makes your hospitality company the number 1 in the market. I hope everyone in the industry has a chance to experience the great and unique service that WDF provides”

Olga Bialuk, Human Resources Director - TPG